Saturday, May 8, 2010

My boy and his haircuts......

It's never good. But today, was the worst ever.

I brought him to a place in Fayetteville called Toadly Kool Me Hair Salon. I thought that sitting in an airplane while watching Thomas the Train would be a pretty good distraction for losing about 3 inches of hair.

It started out okay...... he wasn't crying or freaking out. Until the hair started getting on his neck and arms and finally legs. Yes, of course he was wearing a cape. But it still gets on him. And then that's when he started to lose his mind. No, I mean, TOTALLY LOST HIS MIND. I have never seen him like that. I was so embarrassed. I'm actually going to say that it was probably one of the most embarrassing moments of parenting in these last 4 years. He was screaming and shaking and bawling. It was terrible. The girl actually did a great job....... I can't believe how good it turned out considering the circumstances.

As soon as the haircut was finished, he totally stopped the insanity. I looked around the room and apologized to every parent in the salon.

I gave her a $5 tip. No lie. She definitely deserved it.

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Anonymous said...

all the drama was worth it...he looks adorable! so grown up! - jaf