Monday, May 31, 2010

Southern Pines NC Children's Photography: Happy Memorial Day

I think the coloring of these images is very fitting for Memorial Day!

These images are some of my new faves. I love the mom of these babies for giving 110% in coming up with outfits, they look fabulous!!!

I'm feeling the bug to do another really fun session. Can I find a mom that is willing to work with me to do a SUPER FUN summer shoot?? I will help and guide you, you're not on your own! I have a great idea that I'm gonna try with my own kids. But, you know how it is trying to take pictures of your own kids. Maybe people don't realize this but, my kids respond the same way yours do to the camera getting pulled out. Just because my camera is bigger, doesn't mean I can get them to cooperate with me. And I have about 1/10th the patience for my kids than I do for my clients. I need to pray about that.

And.... a black and white. For good measure:)


audrey habeck said...

LOVE how the mom tied the red bow around that girls waist. for some reason everytime i see these pics i think, that really tied everything together! great shots. the last one is my FAVE!!!

eli said...

Nice shoot Jaime!! One of my favorites!!